E_Cache Writing cache


Eddy version 1.5.1
Nuke version NukeX 10.5v3
Operating system Windows 7
GPU model Intel Xeon CPU E5-2650 v2 @2.60Ghz
Graphics driver version Nvidia 377.55
Is the bug reproducible? tried to render the cache twice and both case it crashes
What happens, versus what you expected to happen. shouldn’t crash

Looks like is my grid resolution is 64 instead of 128…it’s rendering fine. If I have a more memory installed on my Graphic Card will I be able to render to a higher res ?

and another one while reading a VDB cache rendered with Eddy

hi andre,

what GPU do you have in your machine? on older generations it helps to adjust the TDR settings of your OS. at first glance it looks like this might be the case here and worth trying.

here is a similar post with instructions how to increase the timeout on your OS:

you can try setting it to 60 seconds and see if this fixes your issues.

I’ll have a look later if there is anything else “fishy” going on.


it’s a Quad K5200 and I am on windows 7
I’ll have to check with my IT department for the TDR change