E_Cache node - write range not working


the “write range start” and “write range end” potions in the new E_Cache node seem to be ignored (unless I"m not using them right).
I am setting them to write frames 1001-1072 as the screen shot shows, then start caching the node at frame 984 which is the first frame of the sim.

When I do this all frames are written to fisk, not just the ones starting at 1001.

  • Eddy version: 2.0.1+5.c80c05d
  • Nuke version: 11.2v4
  • Operating system: Centos 7
  • GPU model: GTX 1080ti
  • Graphics driver version: 384.90
  • Is the bug reproducible? yes
  • Steps to reproduce the bug: see above
  • What happens, versus what you expected to happen:
    frames outside the write range should not be written to disk

Looks like the frame range is simply miscalculated. While rendering the frames before the specified start frame, Eddy also stops writing before the last frame. I haven’t checked in detail but I have a feeling Eddy renders “write range end frame”-“write range start frame”+1 from the first processed frame rather than writing out the specified range.

Hi Frank, thanks for the bug report, this will be fixed in the next release.