E_Cache doesn't seem to write every 8th frame

I am trying to write out vdb files with an E_cache node. But it looks like it doesn’t write an vdb file on every 8th frame. Because I’m a new user I can’t upload my script. Is there an email where I can send it to if you’d like to have al look.

I am on:
Nuke 12.2v3
Windows 10
Eddy 2.6.2
RTX 2080 ti

Hi Tim,

Thanks for reporting this.
You can send it to support@vortechsfx.com and we can have a look.


Hi Tim,

thanks for sending this through. This was indeed a bug when running at the frame rate in your script. It was caused by a rounding error and is now fixed. We’ll upload the new build to your portal and it will be available in the next official release.


Thanks Christoph, seems to be working fine now.