Dual 3090's and Eddy support

Since some people are saying that the 3090 is viewed as a replacement to the RTX Titan, and the Titan was on the list of cards that were able to be NV linked so you can pool your gpu and rtx cores, does anyone know if this works for Eddy? I use Eddy quite a bit so it makes me wonder if it’s worth it to get 2x Quadro 5000’s if the 3090 doesnt in fact support nvlink with Eddy. Thanks all in advance and I hope everyone is safe and well.

Hi John,

this is not an easy answer, as in the past geforce cards supported it and then the support was removed again later on via the driver layer. Only the RTX Titan and Quadro series allowed this. We only have tested it successfully those setups and know that for instance that a dual 2080TI did not support P2P capabilities. Also be mindful that the scalability is not 100% for simulation. You’ll probably see most performance gains on the rendering side.