Disparities between demo nodes and 1.5 version

I noticed disparities between node.

top one is from the firebox demo script.
bottom is from me trying to build the script from scratch.

Or in the Emitter the last 3 sliders are off, what ever Mode we are choosing.


Hi Andre,
The disparity between nodes is due to recent changes to Eddy, with improvements and huge optimisations to merge nodes, and renaming of nodes to bring it more in-line with standard nuke plugin naming. These changes were made the day before the trip to London.

The downside to this is that your old Nuke scripts will retain the old names and attributes inside the .nk file i believe.

We’ll need to remake all the demo scripts as the devs make changes. Apologies for any confusion. That said they should still all work fine, despite these visual differences.

Oh and the emitter node is intentional like that, if you use “Guide Velocity” mode, these 3 attributes come into play. Read the notes on guides here in the docs, they are super useful.