Digital Domain and Eddy: Ghost of Tsushima Trailer

We finished this spot about 4 months ago but they held off on posting it. They finally decided to drop it today since the game comes out in 1 month. We used quite a bit of Eddy in this spot ranging from ground fire/smoke that the crowds were fighting in, explosion smoke rolling to camera to transition, various rolling smokes to help fill the scene, as well as dust hits in the village as Jin slaps people on the back. I may be posting more work we’ve done at DD soon. Just need to find the files online. I hope you all enjoy it!


Brilliant!!! this is so good!

Nice work ! This looks really nice.

Nice one John, looks great.
Were all the volumetric rays Eddy too?

:smiley: Thanks so much! Really appreciated.

No the volumetric rays from the trees were rendered in redshift I believe as well as some comp rays. Thanks for the compliment Matt.