Difference between Eddy batch and Eddy render

Can someone explain the difference between Eddy Batch licenses and Eddy Render licenses? We are unsure which license we need to purchase. It isn’t clear from the website. I also wasn’t able to find any contact info that will go directly to support. That would also be very helpful. Thank you.

Eddy Batch is the non-interactive license which allows you to process Nuke command line jobs only on a farm.

Eddy Render is the interactive license that provides access to the rendering features of Eddy. To use all the features of Eddy in an interactive Nuke session, you will need both a Eddy Render and Eddy Simulation license. We offer them separately to give some flexibility. The Eddy Complete bundle includes both a simulation and render license (as well as a bonus batch license).

The license types are described on our website at https://www.vortechsfx.com/buy.

Contact info is at https://www.vortechsfx.com/aboutvtx, and you can contact us directly for support at support@vortechsfx.com.