Damp/Drag for E_Element?

Hey guys,

Seems like there is no damp/drag for simulation? Correct me if I am wrong, or please show me a trick to address this. :stuck_out_tongue:



we currently don’t have any drag controls for the gas or combustion solver. Usually drag computation requires a definition of a surface, which makes this somewhat difficult to do this correctly for volumetric effects. What effect are you trying to achieve ?

Are you looking at something that dissipates the velocities towards 0 ?


I am making a tornado and ink effect.

Tornado I need something similar like drag based on density… Such as lower density gets higher drag to create some really interesting look.

for ink of cuz I need drag, or maybe something like air resistance?

I did an ink effect quite long time ago and I wanna to have it now in Eddy.

have you had a chance to experiment with the viscosity solver yet ? i’d give this a try if you are looking for ink style effects.

hope that helps.

Seeing the kinematic viscosity one, resimming with 10. Lets see tonight. :slight_smile:

I think I will still need “Drag” feature in my wishlist :smile:

Yes i think you’ll be happier with some sort of velocity dampening control to get “heavy” looking trails.
Let me see what we can come up with.

Exactly, I want people can feel the scale. The solver here is awesome and fast, why not just let Houdini do the source and we play everything in Eddy. :wink:

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