Custom Geo animated out of Maya

First time posting here. We are demo-ing Eddy, and I am having a hell of a time creating something. Whether it is smoke or fire. I have gone through the docs reading and learning about the nodes and processes. I have been going through the video tutorials. By all accounts, I should be able to get something going. However, I am unable to render a simple smoke sim with an object that has been animated out of Maya and then exported out as and an alembic. I can see the object in nuke, I can add a texture or color the object and see it through an animated camera. However, when setting up a sim, nothing is showing. I’ve attached a screen shot of what my setup is. In the same vein, i’m unable to sim a fire with the same animated object. This doen’t seem like a simple process here.

HI Kama,

sorry to hear you’re having trouble getting your setup to work.
At first glance this looks ok. Here are a couple of things you can check:

  • is a viewer attached to the node chain
  • are the voxelsize settings correct/matching your scene scale
  • did you reset the simulation via the reset button the element
  • does your cache node have auto caching enabled
  • does your setup work with a simple sphere
  • is your maya geometry a closed volume or do you need to use artificial thickness

you can also just use a channel node to see the contents of the element output and see if there is anything being generated. it might just help to zone in quicker on whats going on here.


So Christoph was able to take a look at my script and was able to make some recommendations. The recommendations were so that i can get the renders seen in my render node.

The script I shared with Christoph had an animated GEO through a scene with a tracked camera. My ultimate goal here is to get flames and smoke emitting from my geo. I’ll attach an image here what i’m after, so if anyone else has an idea, by all means chime in. I’ll also include the basic script that has the layout in question, the script that christoph adjusted.

My want is to have the emission happening as I suggested above, flames and smoke emitting from my geo, already emitting before the cut. Also the flames I’m looking for are 1 meter high off the geo, and about .25 meters wide.

GR_Rnd_Eddy_v005.nk (42.1 KB)

Hi Kama,

Regarding having smoke already there at the start of the cut. What you would do is set the start frame on the E_Element node to be earlier than the start frame of the cut. So if your cut starts at 1001, set the E_Element node start frame to be something like 950 or whatever it needs to be to look good by the time the actual shot starts.

Once you’re happy the sim you should then cache it out using an E_Cache node. Turn off auto cache and set the write file path. eg. c:\project\smokeSim_v01\smokeSim_v01.####.vdb. Execute the cache node from the element start frame to the cut end frame.

You then would use an E_CacheLoader node to read back in your sim. Using a cache as the input during rendering means you can freely jump around in the timeline without constantly re-simulating and can iterate on the shading and rendering side. The auto cache mode does allow for this but it’s sensitive to upstream graph changes which would invalidate the cache.

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