Crashes just after creating E_sphere

Hi guys,
I just begin playing around with Eddy plugin, but after I just create the e_sphere node and view it
Nuke keeps crashing,
and it gives me this error:

CUDA error code=63(cudaErrorOperatingSystem) OS call failed or operation not supported on this OS

any idea how to solve this issue?
Thank you in advance

  • Eddy version: Eddy 2.0.1
  • Nuke version: NukeX 11.2v4
  • Operating system: Window 10
  • GPU model: GTX 1070
  • Graphics driver version: 416.81
  • it happens every time

Do you have more than one GPU in your machine? If you for example have an intel CPU with integrated graphics you could run into this problem if your screen is connected to the integrated graphics core (through the motherboard connector) instead of the connector on the back of your GTX (where Eddy would be running).

As possible workaround - make sure all your screens are connected directly to your GTX 1070.

Does this avoid the issue?

Hi Andreas,
Thanks for replying!
Yes, I’ve thought and tried this method, but the weird part is after I changed connecting to my graphics card, I couldn’t even open my Nuke…
Not sure if it is Nuke’s bug or something else, I’ve also posted my situation on the Nuke forum, but I didn’t get reply yet.
any idea of this situation?

Roger that - so likely one of the issues is related to where the screen is connected. I’ll add a ticket to add support for displays connected through non-CUDA GPUs.
Odd that Nuke won’t open when connected through the card though. Could you try starting Nuke from the console - see if it prints any errors before it bails?

Implemented a solution for this (will be in the next release). Eddy will now work as expected also with screens connected to a non-CUDA GPU. Visualizer performance will suffer a bit for this case so connecting screens to the CUDA GPU is preferable if possible. But for most scenarios the difference will not be noticeable . :slight_smile:


Hi Andreas,
Sorry, it took a while to reply.
I was resolving my graphics card issue with Foundry.
Now, when I connected with my NVIDIA GPU, Eddy works fine!
Thanks for your help on your end.

And thanks for pointing out this issue so we could fix it!