Crash when trying to write cache

I am trying to write a cache with voxel size 0.005 using Chsitoph’s custom template for coloured smoke and am getting this error all the time:

E_Element2: Traceback (most recent call last): File “/ohufx/pipeline/tools/nuke/plugins/linux/scripts/”, line 219, in evaluate rasterize_emitter(element, “R”, R_emitter, dt_scale)RuntimeError: vector - which then caused: Node::evaluate failed for node ‘E_Element2’, plug ‘element’.

It works fine with a voxel size of 0.01 and it used to work fine with smaller sizes as well. I only changed the animation going into the E_Image.
Script attached.
eddy_sim_issue2.nk (140.7 KB)

  • Eddy version 2.2.2
  • Nuke version 11.3.2
  • Operating system Centos 7
  • GPU model gtx 1080ti
  • Graphics driver version 418.56

I can now no longer open my nuke script. Nuke crashes with this:

Eddy[ERROR] - CUDA error code=77(cudaErrorIllegalAddress) an illegal memory access was encountered

I had worked on it on one machine, then saved and opened it on another to run the sim where I encountered the initial issue. Now I can’t open the script anymore at all on the original machine.
I have not touched in any way.
Any ideas?

For me the scene runs out of memory during the emitter rasterization, which is not unexpected since I’m using an 8GB card currently, compared to your 11GB. Increasing the voxel size makes it work again. Are you sure there are no out of memory errors earlier in your log?

Yes, no memory errors.
I’m a little confused as to why this should be so memory hungry. I have run this multiple times over the last couple of weeks without trouble. I’m clearly missing the obvious here.

So it very much looks like I wasn’t monitoring the bounds closely enough that were generated by E_Image, resulting in a huge waste of memory. I am now using E_SetBounds liberally and things seem to behave much better.
Christoph and I had a chat about making E_Image use the incoming bounding box to create it’s bounds in 3D which would help my case tremendously.
In other words it was pretty much user error :blush:

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