Continue simulation from failed frame?


Few time my Nuke would crash during simulation process and I wonder if there is any way to continue simulation from failed frame rather then starting over again?
I’ve tried loading last successful cache into initial state of element node but it didn’t worked out.


Hi Tim,

the most common crash is that you’ve run ouf of memory on your GPU or Host. It shouldn’t crash, but there are some areas that we haven’t safeguarded enough yet ( eg during emission ).
So if thats the case, then restarting wouldn’t really help you either as you’ll just run into the same issue again.
Is there a log or something that can elaborate a bit more why the sim crashed ?

And yes you can try to use the initial frame for it ( in case the crash is not memory related ).

Hope that makes sense.


Unfortunately I haven’t saved script that was crashing. I know it’s not helpful and I did this mistake few times. You might be right about memory. I thought same thing and what I did is increased voxel size on a next attempt and that helped.
I will try to be a little bit more consistent and provide examples of failures next time.

I wasn’t able to continue using initial state, it would run superfast and render empty vdbs for me.
I would play with it a bit more so I could confirm that behaviour.