Close up on fire simulation problem


I’m testing out eddy on a shot with a burning stick and its slightly close up.
The problem I’m facing is the resolution of the fire where it has streak lines running across it eventhough I have sim it at a resolution of 256. The stick is an .abc file going through MeshToVolume with Voxel Res at 64, Band Width at 4.

I couldn’t find anywhere on the forum or documents(maybe I’m not looking at the right place…!) with regards to CU of a fire and getting a good resolution on it to look real.

Are there any settings I’m not doing right regarding doing a CU sim of fire or any tips anyone knows?

Hi Jason,

is there any chance you could share your setup / script ? I’d love to have a look and see whats going on.


Hey Christoph,

I can’t share the script as we are running on a secure network. I have just PM you about this as well.


There are a few things i can suggest though before seeing the script.

You can play with the voxel interpolator setting on the channel, this can change the look of the filtering which can help retain detail or smooth things out with the different settings there. I usually use HighOrder here for temperature as it gives good detail. In your case this may show too many artifacts though.
The other thing is to activate motion blur on the Render node. Note, for this to work you will need to extract a velocity e_channel from the element node and connect that to the shader.
Of course, sometimes it will just come down to sim resolution. Testing on a larger GPU may be worth trying if possible, but wait to see if we can help optimize the scene first.
Chat soon

Hi Matt,

Thanks for the tip. I’ll run a test on this now and see if it works. I’m also going to send you the script as well.


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