Channel node after Element stays at origin

I am trying to fill a simple bit of geo with smoke and it just won’t work.
Every time I attach a Channel node after the Element it has it’s volume at the origin and nothing will simulate see screen shot). Once or twice I got it to work after deleting the Channel node and resetting the sim several times, but it’s a 10% chance.
What am I doing wrong? Script attached

WAKA_A_010_volcanoSmoke_v01.nk (6.1 KB)

Hey Frank,

Its because your template is set to CombustionSparse in the element template, set it to SmokeSparse, and you’ll get a simulation going.

Combustion wont do a great deal without temperature in addition.


Doh, that was an accident. I was after smoke not combustion. That explains it, thanks!

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