Can't playback 3D views anymore

So with Eddy 2 I can no longer see animated density channels in the 3D view.
With a setup like this:

when I view the 3D viewer during caching I see each frame change, once the viewer reaches the last frame and stars playing back the cached sequence all I see is the last frame while the play head zips through the timeline.
In v1.8 I could see the density play back. Is it just me or can others verify this?
Using a GTX 1080ti btw

Eddy 2.0.1

Script attaches.MDQ_TU_020_compEddy2_v06.nk (57.1 KB)

Heya Frank.
You need the E_cache node with ‘Nuke Autocache’ ticked. With Eddy 2 there isn’t any automatic caching inside the E_Element anymore.

It plays though the first time as its just simulating and not saving the data. For small elements you may want to have an eddy graph with no caching, just going straight out to pixels.

aaah, that makes sense, thanks!