Can WriteCache node write on the fly?

And another question:
Is it possible to set up the WriteCache node so that it writes cache files when it’s inline and a downstream Write node is rendered?
E.g. I’d like to just render the Write node at the end, but at the same time I’d like the WriteCache node to write the caches on the fly, so that if the render is good I already have the cache.

Possible or do I need to resort to the python callbacks for that?


Alternatively, could a render order control be introduced, so that one can render a cache and write not in the correct order in one go (i.e. like the render_order konb in the Write node?)

You can do this second part via Deadline, with 2 submissions. Select these options to do a cache only job.


Thanks Matt.

I did notice the Eddy option in Deadline though haven’t tried it
I do feel that a simple standalone solution would be a good idea