Caching to disk starts with incorrect frame

So maybe another noob mistake but:
I got a sim that starts at frame 1001. I have cached it in the viewer up to frame 1010, then decided that it’s good to go and hit render on my subsequent E_Cache node. The vdb sequence on disk starts with frame 1010 rather than 1001.
I cancelled the vdb export, set the play head in the viewer to frame 1001, reset my E_Element node, then hit render again on the E_Cache node. Now it is starting to write frame 1002.

I always tell it to render the global range which starts at 1001 and there are no custom settings in the E_Cache node other than the custom output path.
This is Eddy v2 latest build.

Can somebody verify that?


Hi Frank,

Tried to reproduce this but without success so far. I ran a sim in the 3d viewer up to frame 1010, hit render on the E_Cache for a range 1001-1005, and the vdb files saved are 1001-1005 as expected. Maybe some unexpected detail is breaking it, could you share your script?


Here you go.
Here are my steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. go to frame 1001
  2. reset the sim
  3. while viewing the E_mask node start playing back the viewer to see the sim result on the fly
  4. after a few frames (at frame 1007 in my recent test) stop the viewer.
  5. go to the E_Cache node and hit “WriteCache” (for the global frame range)

The first few frames will be ignored and the first frame on disk will be 1007 (or so)

Eddy_cache_test.nk (24.3 KB)

Hi Frank,

Looks like this bug only affected the Linux version. This bug is now fixed and the next release should behave as expected.


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awesome, thank you!

and because I have to post at least 20 characters with this forum software and a simple “thank you” is too short I just wrote this completely pointless sentence :slight_smile:

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