Cache writing issues

It seems there is a strange thing happening when writing out caches.
I entered to write cache from x1012-1036 and instead it wrote out the cache numbered x1009-1034. I thought this was a mix up on my end the other day, but I’m noticing now every time. I matter what it’s always offset from the values I enter to write.

  • 2.7.2 + dev build
  • Nuke version 12.2
  • Windows

So just to clarify, this is on the E_Cache node ? you press writeCache ( set range ) and the result is offset ? Also are you using the write range ?

So when I hit write cache, a dialogue opens and I specify my range.

I wrote caches out the same way inour previous version of Eddy (2.4 I think) and never encountered this issue. It seems to just be happening on 2.7.

this is very strange. I can’t seem to be able to reproduce it. what FPS rate are you on ?
on the writer node, do you have a write frame range set ? this is there to for instance simulate 1001-1100, but only write from 1050-1100.

There was a change to file writing in 2.6, so it could be possible that there is something wrong. I just can’t seem to replicate it. Do you have a very simple setup that showcases this ? It would be great if we can replicate this somehow.