Cache node should set it's frame range according to write range

When setting a Cache node to use a certain write range, it would be useful if the node’s internal frame range could be set accordingly.
This would mean that when viewing the Cache node, Nuke’s “input” range option in the viewer and render dialog would work as expected and adjust dynamically.
In other words the internal knobs “first_frame” and “last_frame” should be set to reflect the values of “write_range_start_frame” and “write_range_end_frame” respectively.
In the below screen shot this would cause the “input” range to automatically reflect the set write range throughout Nuke’s UI.

On the same note, it’d be nice if the CacheLoader node had a notion of frame ranges as well, just like the Read node, so the same workflow would also with it.

Those frame ranges should be passed down the eddy tree whenever possible, so that e.g. if I look at the density channel of a CacheLoader node, the viewer’s timeline would automatically scale to reflect the vdb sequence’s range when set to “input”

Does that make sense?


Hi Frank,

i’ve added a ticket for that.