Blurring lowres VDBs?

Is there anything one can do to smooth out VDBs with voxel sizes that were a bit large?

This is coming from an external Houdini setup so I can’t do anything about the actual sim.


using B-Spline interpolator to help a little.There is no way to re-sample the grid to, say, distort the vdb through a high frequency noise a bit to deal with this sort of thing, is there? Would that even make sense? :smiley:

Hi frank,
Yes that makes sense, and can be done in a situation like you have.

Just before the E_Shader, use an E_distort on the density channel and for the offset input you can use an eddy vector field like perlin noise, but ideally use the velocity field from the sim if you have it.

Hi Frank,

sorry for the late reply. There isn’t a great way of doing what you need atm.
I’ll add a ticket for diffusion/blur functionality.


Thanks guys, we managed in the end.

I thought about trying the distortion as Matt suggested but it was pointed out to me by a more knowledgeable cg artist that the grid would have to be re-sampled for that to make sense?!

I actually never ended up trying it though.



HI Frank,

I’ve added E_Filter node to the V2 beta. This allows you to low pass filter/blur any field in an eddy graph.


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brilliant, thank you!!!

can’t wait to start my next Eddy project (full moon behind art directed clouds - yay).