Beta for Eddy 3.0

We’re pleased to announce that the beta for Eddy 3 is now available for testing by existing customers. If you’d like to test the beta build, send us an email at

Eddy 3 features a new rendering core, incorporating the same fast volume integrators into a much more general purpose renderer. Some of the new features are:

  • In addition to volumes, Eddy can now render meshes directly, opening up many new features.
  • Shadow collecting objects and AOVs
  • Reflection collectors and AOVs
  • Multiple volumes can be rendered at once, each with their own shaders, and overlapping volumes are fully supported.
  • Mesh-based area lights
  • Motion vector AOVs
  • Volumes with more than one phase function are now supported. Built-in shaders for dual scattering functions are supplied, shader networks can be used for more than two phase functions.
  • Shader network system.
  • Expanded built-in AOV list to include surfaces and other combinations.
  • New utility AOVs - position, normal, velocity, depth, id, ray/sample counts.
  • Light path expressions for fully general AOVs.
  • SDF surface rendering.
  • Improved adaptive rendering quality.
  • Improved sampling for lights when used with highly directional phase functions.
  • Clamping can now clamp direct and indirect samples separately, reducing noise.
  • New deep sample generation algorithm.
  • Pixel filters can now be specified - Gaussian, Blackman-Harris, etc.
  • Built-in surface materials include diffuse, glass, plastic, metal.
  • Microfacet reflection and refraction shaders
  • Volumes inside meshes, either as a clipping mesh or as the internal medium.
  • Ray visibility flags.
  • Sample counts can be specified separately for direct and indirect lighting, for volumes and surfaces.
  • Directional falloff for quad and mesh lights.
  • RTX acceleration support (applies to meshes only, not volumes)

Some things to be aware of:

  • The oldest supported GPU is now the Maxwell series, i.e. the 980, 970, etc.
  • Graphics driver version must be at least 460.89 for Windows, 460.27.04 for Linux.
  • Multi-GPU support has been temporarily disabled in this release, it will be re-enabled in a future release.
  • Performance optimization is still ongoing, currently some simple volume renders might be slightly slower than they were in Eddy 2. On the other hand some scenes have shown significantly improved render times.
  • Documentation is still in the process of being updated, in the meantime there are some new examples that demonstrate some of the new features.
  • As this is a beta release there will be bugs. Please report them to either or here on the forum.