Analysis feature size?


I opened one of the old saved scripts from the forum and tried to adapt it to run. Most things were working right away few nodes were missing but it kinda works now except when I’m rendering I’m getting this in my terminal:

Eddy[WARNING] - Increasing volume analysis feature size from 0 to 0.0586436 in order to maintain a reasonable number of samples

I was trying to figure out where that setting is
We are using 2.3.0 in Nuke 11.3v2

It kinda renders 2-3 frames before it breaks and starts rendering black frames.

thank you,

Hi Tim,

That warning shouldn’t be causing anything to break. It’s just appearing because the volume being rendered is implicit (i.e. not voxel based), and Eddy is picking a default feature size itself. You can set the feature size in the E_Shader node, perhaps 0.05 or 0.1 would be a good value, and the warning should go away.

If the scene is still breaking feel free to share it here and we’ll take a look.


I tried changing voxel size in cache loader and then tweaking min feature size in e_shader and I got rid of glitches in interactive sessions I think. At least wasn’t able to make it render black any more.
but every time I would send it to farm I’m getting only Bg rendered

I apologize for inconvenience but I had to remove cache nodes to not spill any info through file path.

Here’s my version of that scene, updated for the current Eddy version:
particle_explosion.nk (42.9 KB)

There were a couple of things that needed to be fixed:

  • The particle emitter is based on an image Ramp node, so if you change the global image resolution then you’ll need to update the Ramp too.
  • The temperature input to the E_Shader was disconnected (can happen with version updates).

If the scene is working locally but failing on the farm then I’d recommend checking the log from the farm machine, probably something is failing to initialize, e.g. licensing or missing GPU.

This is the original scene and post BTW, for anyone else interested:


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thank you for looking into this!

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