Age based Emission?

Hi there,

I’ve got an alembic file with multiple pieces in it that I want to emit from. But I’d like to have the emission fade off based on the age of each piece.

Is something like this possible to do?



we don’t currently support arbitrary primvars on meshes. Its something we will be supporting properly in an upcoming version, which gives this area a major overhaul in Eddys.

sorry for the inconveniences. a workaround could be to birth particles of that geo and then use the particleToVolume node to convert it into an emission source ?


That could work. I suppose as long as there is access to age it should work.

I guess youre working on destruction like effect? Yes use the particle or you can try acceleration emitter (Like emission based on velocity), Matt Barker shares this in another post. It does a great job.

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