65 Eddy lights limit per eddy renderer?

So I’m working on a timelapse shot and I have a LOT of lights from lighting that I’m adding volumetrics to that I can animate on and off in the timelapse via AOV’s. Once I put 65 lights in the Eddy Renderer the screen goes black. So I’ll have to deeprender 2 renders but I was wondering if anyone else has noticed this and if it’s on the radar? If it is, is there any fix for it? and if i’m doing something wrong, any idea what it may be? Thanks in advance.

Additionally, while Eddy will support up to 65 lights per renderer, it will only support (I believe) 16 light selects in the AOV’s. After the 16th light is included, the complete RGB shows up in some AOV layers as well as 1 layer may include lights from other layers as well. Has anyone else experienced this as well and if so, is there a work around beyond rendering them in limits of 16?


Tested and confirmed these issues on my end. Not sure of workarounds other than 2 renders and deep as you mentioned sorry.

So yes, there are currently some internal limits on the number of active lights which it sounds like you are running into. There can be up to 64 active lights and 16 different light groups. There should at least be an error message in the log when you have more than 64 lights. This is something we can look at improving in an upcoming build, it should be possible to remove the limit albeit with a small performance cost.

One possibility is to disable lights using switch nodes, as lights disabled in this way will not count towards the 64 light limit. Maybe that would be an option?